4 simple ways to identify Indian swadeshi products

Suraj Sharma, Samrat Nanyasi Jul 26, 2020

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We buy products both from our nearby local stores and from online e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Often the question arises and remains unanswered in some corner of our mind whether the products are from Indian based companies or imported/manufactured by videshi companies?

In this competitive world, as the economy is thriving to boost in almost every sector, the global companies indulge more into promoting their products along with the made in India products and it is almost impossible to distinguish between the Indian products and foreign products.

It took us 23 hours of intense online research, reading 88 articles, and browsing 12 forums to come up with these 5 types of products/brands available in India.

  1. Not manufactured in India, not owned by Indians, not marketed by Indians, not assembled in India, but only sold in India

    • Ferrari

  2. Not manufactured in India, not owned by Indians, marketed and assembled in India

    • Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, and other Made in India Chinese mobile phones.

  3. Not manufactured in India but owned by Indians

    • Micromax

  4. Manufactured and owned by Indians

    • Dabur, Himalaya, Godrej

  5. Not owned by Indians but manufactured in India

    • Dettol, Nestle, Bata

In this article, we are going to help you reveal these facts, so let us dive deep into the nooks and corners to find out how you can check whether a product is actually from an Indian company or from a videshi/foreign company.

Here is a list of 4 ways on how to identify Indian products and videshi/foreign products.

  • Product Barcode
  • Product Country of Origin
  • Company Website
  • Product address of manufacturing

Products Barcodes

Check for barcodes starting with 890, but it is not a reliable way

Marico hand sanitizer

Barcodes tags are found on almost all shopper items worldwide.

Barcode the black and white vertical stripes accompanied by a 12 or 13 digits product number on a product package is an electronically scannable picture. This number called a Global Trade Item Number distinguishes what an item is and the proprietor of the brand that makes it.

GS1, the global nonprofit foundation assigns the unique product numbers to manufacturers so that they can create unique product numbers and barcodes that identify their particular company as the owner. These company prefixes are based on a set of country codes.

The three-digit number 890 prefix indicates the GS1 organization in India and not the country of origin of products that means a product can be manufactured anywhere in the world but sold in India using India’s GS1 prefix of ‘890’. FYI, China GS1 code for Chinese product barcode starts with 690 to 699.

Here is a fact vs reality of whether a product barcode number indicates the product's country of origin or not, covered in one of the articles.

Fact vs Reality


Country of Origin

Check for products country of origin


As a result of the recent Make-In-India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives started by the government of India, companies have started mentioning the country of origin on their products, so it is easier for a consumer to check for a product's originality.

Recent changes being done on e-commerce websites

E-commerce Giants in India like Amazon and Flipkart have begun to update their back-end systems to allow sellers to identify the country of origin on all new products listed on their platforms. - Source

Brand Website

Brand Website tells everything about the company and its country of origin


Here comes the use of technology that is always handy with us. We can quickly open up the company website on our mobile browser and check the full details and its originality. Almost every product has its company email address mentioned on a product packaging, from there you can figure out the company website URL.

Address of Manufacturer

Address of Manufacturer is a decider

Dabur India

The address of the manufacturer is the most prominent way to check if the products are manufactured in India or not. Always look for the Name & Address of Mfg. unit and the most important thing to look at is if it’s a subsidiary of any foreign brand or not.



Next time when you buy a product from your nearby local stores or any online e-commerce websites, these 4 simple hacks would help you in selecting an Indian/ swadeshi product.

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