Top 6 most popular Indian bath soap brands

Mohammed Farhan Aug 13, 2020

Seth Doyle

Bathing is an essential refreshment for our body as it removes the dirt and is for personal hygiene. The other reasons for bathing are eliminating dead skin cells, dirt, and soil as a preventive measure to reduce the spreading of various diseases. It also reduces body odors.

When it comes to bath soaps, there are so many popular Indian brands that offer different types of soaps to their customers from budget and affordable to high quality and premium soaps. Soaps that are varying in flavors, quality, and serving for different purposes. Common bath soap comes in the shape of a bar or liquid form.

As a customer, it would be tough to decide what soap to buy from what brand.

Well, no need to worry anymore, as we list out the top 6 most popular Indian bathing soap brands that might be the best, most suitable for you, and would help you select the branded soap you want.

Depending on the brand's popularity and its value, we have made the list of top 6 most popular Indian bathing soap brands in India.

  • Godrej
  • Mysore Sandal Soap
  • Medimix
  • Himalaya
  • Margo
  • Santoor



Godrej is a multi-industry company founded in 1897, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Godrej company was founded by Adil Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej.

Godrej is one of the oldest conglomerate soap brands in India. The Godrej company operates in highly diverse sectors like appliances, furniture, agricultural products, industrial engineering, real estate, and consumer products. Godrej sells soap products under the group name Godrej No.1 and recently the company has over 380 million consumers.

Godrej No.1 is the third biggest soap brand by volume in India. The key reason why Godrej is so unique and special is because of its nature's way to the beauty that comprises chosen ingredients to make one's skin naturally beautiful.

Some of the popular soap products of Godrej are Godrej No.1 soaps with different flavors like Sandal, Jasmine, Lime, Coconut, Lavender, and rosewater.

Godrej also has many sub-brands like Cinthol which has its category of soaps and its flavors. Cinthol is quite popular in India for its original soap.

The Cinthol brand was launched in 1952 with only two products, deodorant and complexion soap. The main objective of this brand after its launch was to make the consumers feel energized, encouraged, inspired, and feel awesome after using the products. During the year 2015, Cinthol celebrated its centenary. And in 2018, Cinthol launched more grooming products for hair, beard, body, and face.

Mysore Sandal Soap


Mysore Sandal Soap brand is one of the oldest and classic soap brands in India manufactured by Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL) in 1916, a company owned by the Government of Karnataka. The Government soap factory in Bangalore, India was set up by Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, the king of Mysore. The key objective of the company to set up the factory was due to the exorbitant sandalwood reserves that the kingdom of Mysore had, as the export plan to Europe was failed due to World War I.

During the year 1980, Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited was incorporated as a company by combining sandalwood oil factories in Mysore and Shimoga with the Government soap Factory.

One of the best things about the Mysore Sandal Soap brand is, it is an exclusive sandal soap in the whole world made from 100% sandalwood oil. The cricket legend M.S. Dhoni was selected as the first ambassador of the Mysore sandal soap during the year 2006.

The Mysore Sandal Soap brand offers soaps of different categories, from budget to Premium soaps. Some of the popular soaps the brand offers are the original Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Sandal Millennium, Mysore Sandal Baby, Mysore Sandal Gold, Mysore Sandal Herbal Care, Mysore Sandal Rose Soap, Mysore Sandal Classic Moisturising soap, and Mysore Sandal Carbolic Soap.



Medimix is a renowned Indian soap brand founded in 1969 by Dr. V.P. Sidhan from Kerala. The brand is based on ayurvedic and herbal and marketing is done by Cholayil Private Limited, based in Chennai. Back in the time, the Cholayil family used viprathi oil as a cure for skin diseases. The family legacy proved to be key during the year 1969 as Dr. V.P. Sidhan merged a tradition with his excellent business vision with a green colored bar of soap that aid in nourishing and protecting our skin. Actively rooted in Ayurveda, the amalgamation of 18 herbs remains to nourish and protect the skin completely in a natural way as feasible.

Medimix has a range of products, available in four variants of soap and three alternatives for body wash. During the year 2011, Medimix won the most trusted brand in India.

Medimix witnessed a very successful growth over the years and became highly popular especially among Southern region people. Some of the popular soaps of Medimix are Medimix Ayurvedic, the Original Medimix Real Ayurveda, Medimix Clear Glycerine, and Medimix Transparent.

The Himalaya Drug Company


Himalaya is an Indian company founded in 1930, grown into a highly successful company which provides various health care products besides soaps.

It is one of the highly renowned soap products used by millions of customers throughout the country. Himalaya uses traditional ayurvedic oil, kanakatalia, saturated with herbs which are known to reduce and destroy dark spots, nourish and protect the skin, helps the complexion by making it clear and naturally healthy.

Himalaya brand offers a wide variety of soaps with different flavors. Some of its popular soaps are Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap, Himalaya Almond and Rose Soap, Himalaya Ayurveda Clear Skin Soap, Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream and Honey, also Himalaya Cucumber and Coconut Soap.



Margo is a classical and quite a popular brand in India founded in 1920 by Calcutta chemical company and the founder is K.C. Das, Khogen Chandra Das.

During the year 1988, Margo was among the top five selling soap brands in India with a market share of 8.9%.

By the year 2003, Margo launched new products to target younger demographics and a 2% share of the premium soaps segment in India.

Margo sells soaps from budget to premium category, the brand's soap is completely based on neem as its vital ingredient. A few of the best things about Margo is that your body not just refreshes after the bath but also protects your skin from various diseases. Some of Margo's popular soaps are Margo Soap and Margo Original Neem Soap.



Santoor is a popular soap founded by Wipro Limited, previously known as Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited, a multi-national company that provides business process services, consulting, and information technology. Wipro's headquarters is located in Bangalore.

Santoor is owned and managed by Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting. Santoor achieved a tremendous milestone by becoming India's first soap brand to cross 2,000 crore sales.

Santoor is enriched with almond oil and glycerine which moisturizes your skin and provides youthful radiance people always wanted and aids in glowing the skin. The soap can be applied to both body and face.

Some of the popular Santoor soaps are Santoor Plain Bathing Bar, Santoor Sandal and Almond Milk Soap, Santoor Sandal and Turmeric Soap,Santoor PureGlo Glycerine Soap, Santoor RoseGlo Glycerine Soap, Santoor Gold Soap and Santoor Aloe Fresh Soap.


The above list is our part of the top Indian bathing soap brands in India. Most of the brands offer a variety of soaps with different flavors that not just provide a good fragrance or cleansing but it also helps in protecting your body from a variety of skin diseases.

We have narrowed down the list and expect that it would be helpful for our readers to decide what brand they want to buy a bathing soap with.

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