Top 10 famous Indian watch brands

Mohammed Farhan Aug 09, 2020


Watches are an essential part of our lifestyles to uplift our fashion and personality as it helps in sustaining punctuality in our day to day lives.

There was a time when people used the watch for timekeeping, not anymore. In the era of the digital world, we live in with laptops, desktops, and tablets, time indications are everywhere.

Over the last decade, watches have transformed into more of a fashion accessory for both women and men rather than being a utility. Watches have become an extension of your personality that reflects your inner style and character.

A Watch can make a strong statement and a status symbol for the person wearing it. It speaks a lot about you and defines how you want to be perceived as a person.

There can be many categories in a watch like SmartWatches, Sports Watch, Fashion Watch, and Dress Watch. There are so many options for the best Indian watch brands.

Here's the list of the top 10 famous Indian watch brands made in India that would help you with buying the best wrist watch you want.

Top 10 famous Indian watch brands list

  • Bangalore Watch Company
  • Jaipur Watch Company
  • HTSE
  • Titan
  • Fastrack
  • Sonata
  • Maxima
  • HMT
  • Aiqon Watches
  • Intex

Bangalore Watch Company

Bangalore watch company

Bangalore Watch Company (BWC) is a super luxurious watchmaking brand that was founded in 2018 by Nirupesh Joshi with the mindset of representing Indian watchmaking of the 21st century thus offering high quality and exciting watches collections.

Each of the Bangalore Watch Company's collections is designed and assembled in Bangalore that produces world-class wristwatches. The target audience is Men and Women. They have another unique collection named Aviation Watches which is quite interesting.

The Aviation collection is themed around the Indian fighter plane as a tribute for Indian Air Force powered by Swiss automatic movement, this collection presents a compelling set of aviation styled watches for your collection. Few popular watches of the aviation collections are Aviator Steel, Civilian Steel, and especially Mach 1X.

The other collections such as Gentlemen's Dress watch and Ladies Dress watch that offers quite a good designed and well-crafted watches powered by Japanse Automatic movement which is a limited edition eventually improve your class and personality in festivals and various occasions.

Bangalore Watch Company watches generally cost from Rs. 28,799 - Rs. 1,13,000.

They also offer different styles and colors of straps for providing watches a new look that would make you feel like you are owning a new watch.

Jaipur Watch Company

Jaipur watches

Jaipur Watch Company is quite an interesting company that offers a highly unique collection of luxurious watches that started in 2013.

The Jaipur Watch Company is a passionate collector of coins. It is this collection that combined with the love for horology gave birth to the brand Jaipur WC and our premier collection, the coin watches.

Jaipur Watch Company offers quite expensive and high-end custom-designed watches that have a special collection of coins.

The intuitive and defining moment was a realization that India is not yet recognized as a country that specializes in the art of fine watchmaking. That thought with the passion for horology and numismatics is what created and nurtured the seed for Jaipur Watch Company.

The price offer of the Jaipur Watch Company ranges from Rs. 23,000 - Rs. 24,00,000


HTSE watches

HTSE is the sub-brand of the Titan watch company, owned by Tata Group that offers watches under the premium segment.

The unique thing about this watch is, it is powered by light can be charged by candlelight, sunlight, tube light, even smartphone screen light making the watch eco-friendly.

The target audience for HTSE watch is Men.

The watch is also equipped with beautiful leather and silicone straps improving the class and personality of the person.

HTSE offers a decent collection of watches naming Titan Analog Black Dial Watch, Titan Black Dial Chronograph, Titan HTSE 3.

HTSX watches generally cost in the range of Rs. 7,370 - Rs. 12,900


Titan watches

Titan Company Limited is an Indian consumer company that manufactures Watches, Jewelry, and Eyewear. Titan was founded in 1984 as an exclusive watch company by Xerxes Desai headquartered in Bengaluru and part of the Tata group.

Titan is India's No.1 Indian watch brand and most popular across the country. Titan has more than 300 retail centers all over India. It is the fifth World's largest watch manufacturing company.

Titan offers a wide variety of watches for Men, Women, and Kids from budget to a high premium category.

Few of the popular models of Titan that are valued across India are Diva, Insignia, Raga, and Octane. Titan also manufactures Smart Watches, the latest and popular model is Titan Connected X which offers 3-day battery life, changeable watch faces, and a Heart rate monitor.

Titan offers watches from the price range of Rs. 1,000 - Rs. 1,48,000


Fastrack watches

Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan Company limited that was launched in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. Since then, it has fashioned a niche for itself with watches and sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable.

Fastrack extended its footprint into accessories in 2009 with a range of bags, belts, and wallets. Today, the brand has thrivingly notched up the title of being the most beloved youth fashion brand in India.

Fastrack offers diverse options for watches for Women and Men and one of the fastest-growing brands known for its refreshing designs for casual watches.

Fastrack also offers affordable smartwatches known as Smart Bands with a good variety of color options.

Fastrack offers watches whose price ranges from Rs. 550 - Rs. 5,500


Sonata watches

Sonata is India's biggest and top favorite watch brand has been offering style and contemporary designs with the correct amount of grace. Sonata is one of the sub-brands of Titan Company Limited founded in 1984

Sonata offers an exciting range of more than 600 designs and numerous collections that caters to the people of every generation.

One of the best parts of buying sonata watches is that it suits most of the occasions from festivals to thematic style.

Sonata's target audience is Kids, Women, and Men.

One of the top and favorite variant of this brand is Youth-centric Super Fibre Watch. Sonata also offers smartwatches known as Smart Bands at an affordable price.

The price range of Sonata watches starts from Rs. 395 - Rs. 4,449


Maxima watches

Maxima is one of the popular Indian watch brands and the result of a vision to serve a vast majority of consumers through products that were perfect, reliable, assured for quality, and backed by after-sales service with a trusted brand assurance. With sleek patterns, high product standards, and affordable pricing, the brand has seen massive acceptability in the understanding of consumers.

Maxima offers a wide collection of watches suitable for everyone from budget to high premium category, be it men, women, or kids. Maxima is often preferred for giving your loved ones a present.

The specific collection offers key specific features such as the Avventura collection for sports watches, Attivo collections for youth with trending styles, and the Super Aqua collection for waterproof watches.

The price range of Maxima brands is from Rs. 7,890 - Rs. 1,39,999.


HMT watches

HMT is one of the oldest company founded in 1953. HMT was entrusted with the vital task of building Machine tools set up in Bangalore.

Panditji’s vision to bring in a sense of time-consciousness among the Indians, his belief that India was capable of manufacturing precision parts generated the movement for setting up a watch manufacturing system within the country.

In 1961, the Government of India entrusted the job to HMT due to its ability, name, and fame amongst the public sectors. The first batch of Hand Wound Wrist Watches was released by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

HMT offers a classic collection of watches suitable for Men and Women from budget to premium watches.

The price ranges from Rs. 849 - Rs. 19,999.

Aiqon Watches

Aiqon watches

Aiqon is a core watch company. We chronicle history, recount passions, tell time & be an accessory. Infinitely Cool, Luxuriously Classic, Sometimes Both! The Face, the Identity, the Soul of the watch.

Aiqon Watches is one of the many Indian watch brands that offer a decent collection of watches from affordable to premium watches.

Some of the popular models are Golden Bird, Swiss Made, Maximum City 1888 2, Maximum City 2015.

The price ranges from Rs. 3,100 - Rs. 9,450


Intex smartwatch

Intex is one of the prominent Indian companies founded in 1996 by Narendra Bansal, its HQ is located in Delhi for customer durable, Mobile, and computer accessories like Mouse, keyboard, earphones and smartwatches. They also manufactured a few affordable smartphones.

Since Intex manufactures a wide variety of products, they also offer a good collection of smartwatches targeted for kids, Men, and Women. The watches are generally affordable.

Some of the popular collections are Wokit Intex Aqua 5 Smartwatch, Syl Intex Aqua Life Smartwatch, Syl Intex Brave Lx, Syl Intex Cloud V5, Intext iRist Pro Smartwatch.

Intex Smartwatches price ranges from Rs. 599 - Rs. 4,999.


The above list is our take on the Indian watch brands made in India that helps you narrow down the top brands and its collections for buying a watch.

Watches assist as a preferred accessory for most outfits, one needs to be clear on what watch they would want to buy. Wearing a good watch from the brand that suits your style and personality helps you boost your confidence.

We expect that the list of 10 famous Indian watch brands in India would assist you in buying your watch that perfectly matches your personality.

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